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Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Avoid refactoring costs and limited business growth.

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Choose secure reliable cost-efficient
scalable cloud infrastructure

Meet modern infrastructure requirements with cloud-optimized design and implementation for new workloads, migrations, or hybrid solutions. 

Google Cloud Infrastructure

In the dynamically shifting digital sphere, Vortex enables businesses to exploit the potential of Google Cloud Infrastructure, promoting innovation and efficiency through personalized solutions.



Compute Solutions

Our experts simplify the complexities of Google's Compute Engine and Kubernetes Engine (GKE), ensuring optimal use of these powerful solutions. Whether launching compute clusters or managing containerized apps, we guide you seamlessly. Plus, benefit from enhanced security with features like Confidential GKE Nodes. Compute Engine for VMs suits high-performance computing, while GKE offers managed Kubernetes for streamlined application deployment and scaling.


Storage Solutions

Recognizing data as your business's lifeblood, we provide robust support for Google Cloud's storage solutions. From configuring Persistent Disk and Filestore to optimizing Cloud Storage for global reach, we ensure secure and efficient data storage. Google Cloud Infrastructure offers diverse storage solutions, including Persistent Disk and Filestore for VMs and applications, and Cloud Storage for scalable, globally accessible object storage, catering to various business needs.


Networking Solutions

Leverage the expertise of our networking specialists to elevate your network performance through Google Cloud's comprehensive suite of products. We offer assistance in establishing a customized Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for your resources, creating seamless connections to Google's network via Cloud Interconnect, and implementing various networking solutions. This includes setting up secure and scalable connections through Cloud VPN, managing network address translation with Cloud NAT, optimizing content delivery with Cloud CDN, ensuring even distribution of workloads with Cloud Load Balancing, and managing domain names efficiently with Cloud DNS. Our team ensures that your network infrastructure is fine-tuned and tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Security and Identity

In today's digital landscape, security is a paramount concern for businesses. Our team specializes in implementing Google Cloud's security and identity products to safeguard your resources. From managing access with Cloud Key Management Services and Identity and Access Management (IAM) to enhancing security through Identity-Aware Proxy, Resource Manager, Cloud Identity, and Firewall Insights, we ensure robust protection for your valuable assets.


Observability and Monitoring

Ensuring the health and performance of your applications is paramount. Our team specializes in setting up and utilizing the Cloud Operations Suite (formerly Stackdriver) and Security Command Center for comprehensive monitoring, logging, and diagnostics. Moreover, we excel in integrating open-source solutions seamlessly with Google's powerful tools, providing a versatile and customized approach to meet your specific needs.


Developer Experience on GPC

Fostering a seamless developer workflow by integrating Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure is at the core of our expertise. Our team excels in optimizing GCP's developer tools and services, seamlessly integrating open-source solutions to enhance flexibility. Committed to elevating your developer experience, we provide tailored solutions and expert guidance for navigating GCP's dynamic ecosystem effortlessly. With our support, your development team can confidently innovate, seamlessly combining Google infrastructure with an enhanced developer experience to drive your projects to success on the Google Cloud Platform.

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Working with top-tier cloud technologies for infrastructure

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